About us

Vitabeam is a global, cutting-edge biotechnology company seamlessly delivering increased food safety, reduced food waste and healthier produce for consumers using our patented and proven VQe® technology. 

Our technology has been developed over several years by co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko.

It is comprised of energy-efficient LEDs that emit our proprietary “cocktail” of safe, healthy wavelengths of light, all of which are found naturally within sunlight. This “cocktail” is known as VQe® – Vitabeam Quantum energy. 

VQe has many amazing benefits:

  • Stimulates photosynthetic receptors in plants to increase the rate of photosynthesis, leading to increased plant growth and yield 
  • Stimulates regeneration of damaged plant tissues to make plants healthier
  • Kills bacterial and mould pathogens increasing food safety
  • Delays senescence of plant cells, so produce remains fresher and nutrient quality remains higher for longer, extending shelf-life, reducing food waste
  • In combination with UV in our SterilMax equipment, it can sterilise food, food packaging, healthcare equipment and more to increase human safety

Vitabeam is passionate about improving food safety and reducing food waste. The world around us is changing, and we know that we can help other businesses to keep up. Our technology can help protect plants and people from pathogens, keeping us all healthier and the planet safer.