Vitabeam’s energy-efficient LED MaxStrip can be easily installed alongside traditional grow lights to improve plant health, growth and yield.

The VQe (our patented and proven “cocktail” of light wavelengths) emitted by our MaxStrips simultaneously:

+ Enhances the photosynthetic process to increase phytohormones and ATP production, resulting in plant organ repair, faster growth, and increased yield

– Kills bacteria and mould pathogens living on and around the plants, allowing cleaner, healthier produce, and reduced pesticide usage.

This dual-capability of our technology makes it a world-first.

Benefits of using VQe

Stimulates photosynthesis:

Specific wavelengths of light emitted by Vitabeam’s technology stimulate the photosynthesis receptors of plants. This increases the rate of photosynthesis (the process by which plants make energy) and enables the plant to grow faster and stronger.

Clean growing:

Our technology allows growers to reduce their pesticide usage by providing a clean, safe, healthy way of killing bacterial and mould pathogens. Plants can be cultivated without the use of as many pesticides, making the produce cleaner and safer for human consumption, as well as less harmful towards the environment.

Regeneration of damaged tissues:

When plants are free from bacterial and mould pathogens, they are able to heal tissues that had previously been damaged by these pests. Vitabeam enables plants to be healthier and stronger.

Increased growth and yield:

By implementing our technology, growers can see huge improvements in the growth and yield of their plants. Lab trials have shown that fresh biomass of plants can be increased by between 10 and 20% for most crops, and by up to 54% for some! Nutrient content of crops is also maintained or improved. These results have the potential to greatly increase profits for growers, with a calculated ROI within 1 year. 

Plants reach next growth stage faster:

Plants cultivated using VQe grow faster than plants grown without VQe, meaning seeds germinate faster and plants and their crops develop faster. This enables growers to produce more food, thereby increasing profits.

Please contact us to discuss how Vitabeam technology can be used to maximise your plant health, growth and yield.