Our Technology

Vitabeam’s technology uses energy-efficient LEDs to emit our patented combination of different wavelengths of light, all of which are found naturally in sunlight.

VQe® + Plants

The specific wavelengths of light found in VQe interact with plants to:

  • Stimulate photosynthetic receptors in plants to increase the rate of photosynthesis, leading to increased plant growth and yield 
  • Stimulate regeneration of damaged plant tissues to make plants healthier

By increasing the rate of photosynthesis, VQe enables plants to produce more ATP energy. This in turn can be used to increase the rate of plant growth, meaning that plants grown with VQe progress from one stage to the next more quickly than plants grown without VQe. This translates to real economical bonuses for growers because it enables them to grow more crops.

Increasing the rate of photosynthesis leads to an increased production of oxygen too. A consequence of larger amounts of oxygen being available to plants is that this enables them to increase their rate of respiration. This results in more ATP production, and also greater uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In shops, VQe delays the senescence of plant cells, so fruits and vegetables remain fresher and the nutrient quality remains higher for longer, extending shelf-life and therefore reducing the amount of food that is thrown away before it can be sold and consumed.

VQe + Pathogens

While VQe improves the health of plants, bacterial and mould pathogens found on plants and fresh produce are killed by our technology.

For growers, this means that their plants stay free of bacteria and mould that would otherwise cause damage.

For retailers, VQe kills bacteria and mould found on fresh produce to make it safer and healthier for consumers, and also makes it last longer, reducing the amount that is thrown away before it can be sold and consumed.

VQe’s Dual-Action

By enhancing the health and growth of the plant directly, and killing bacteria and mould pathogens that harm the plants and make fresh produce unfit for consumption, VQe increases food safety and reduces food waste.