Vitabeam’s easy install VQe® MaxStrip technology can increase shelf-life of fresh produce, keep displays clean and odour-free, and increase the safety and cleanliness of products consumed by your customers.

The patented and proven “cocktail” of light wavelengths emitted by our VQe MaxStrips can provide a multitude of advantages for retailers:

  • VQe kills bacterial and mould pathogens so produce lasts longer and is safer for the consumer
  • VQe stimulates photosynthetic cells in fruits and vegetables which delays decay and maintains nutrient levels, increasing shelf-life and quality, reducing costs and food wastage

Achieve an ROI within just 3.5 months!

Tests of our MaxStrip technology in supermarkets in Hawaii and Michigan have yielded highly positive results:

Our ice is not turning yellow, but staying clear, the fishy smell has gone, the fish flesh looks better!

Member of staff at our michigan retail test supermarket Only 3 days after installing MaxStrips in the fish counter


MaxStrips are quickly and easily installed within display cases, refrigerated displays, above food preparation areas and in overnight fish and meat storage coolers.

Our VQe technology does not contain UV so is completely safe all while increasing the safety of your produce. 

Please contact us to discuss how Vitabeam technology can be used to keep your produce safe and reduce food waste.